Management Consulting in Vancouver

SBC Global Consulting, LLC was founded in Vancouver, Washington on January 1, 2020 by Dr. Sterling K. Carter.

After 20 years of internal consulting in operations, logistics & supply chain management, safety, training, organizational development, change management, and Leadership Development in the both private sector and the United States Army Europe, Dr. Carter earned a Doctor of Management with a concentration in Global Leadership.

The concepts of SBC Global Consulting, LLC are simple, yet the most important; success in business begins with taking care of people.

Dr. Carter believes that when an organization focus on the needs of the customer, the employee, and all stakeholders, the organization prospers because it creates win-win environments, fosters strong and long-lasting relationships, and supports brand recognition.

Personal Goals for the Business

SBC Global Consulting, LLC is a global management consulting firm in Vancouver, Washington. The goal of SBC Global Consulting, LLC is to help organizations in the manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics verticals maximize efficiency and productivity. Also SBC Global Consulting endeavors to empower small to medium size businesses expand into foreign markets and address internal domestic challenges through leadership development, global leadership development, and organization development. The consulting services are built upon the illumination and understanding the difference between western domestic leadership and global leadership. Corporate America needs Global Management Consultants who can advise, motivate, and teach business leaders to expand business aspirations and lead a multicultural, multinational, and multi-ethnic workforce an international space. The United States makes up approximately 5% of the global population of over 7.5 billion. The remaining 95% of potential purchases, talent, and opportunities remain outside of America’s boarders. SBC Global Consulting, LLC endeavors to aid small and medium size domestic and international organizations to achieve their goals through organizational development, change management, leadership development, global leadership development, and developing cultural alignment with business objectives.

Values in Building the Company

SBC Global Consulting places its highest focus on its most valuable asset, its people. We look forward to helping like-minded organizations create an environment that attracts and retains talented employees with high ethical and moral standards that are culturally sensitive and with customer-centric objectives. The 21st-century global, multinational, and multicultural workplace must be an environment where employees are happy to come to work when they arrive, do their very best, grow and develop personally and professionally, and look forward to returning the following day. SBC Global Consulting promotes professional excellence through training on essential areas such as organizational development, leadership development, employee development, and superior customer-centric focus. We believe that every segment of an organization should have the primary objective of providing the best customer experience possible.

Inspiration to launch SBC Global Consulting

The inspiration to launch SBC Global Consulting is two-fold. The first reason is to motivate American small to medium size business to expand its thinking past America’s borders. The second reason is that there has been a prolonged battle between the ideologies of Globalism and Nationalism. SBC Global Consulting, LLC seeks to consult domestic and global organizations to leverage the power of both concepts. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) industry is an example. The global community traverses the global for both business and pleasure. Many if not most nations have some form of EHR system. The challenge is that these systems are siloed and do not share critical health information across regions or nations with external systems. This creates a perilous situation for an international traveler with a health emergency.

The SBC Global Consulting concept of change and organizational development centers on the needs of the global community, the nation-state, and the initiative’s feasibility.

Sterling Carter, DM


SBC Global Consulting believes that the key to a successful business is to develop people because people are the foundation of an organization. People create teams, team create sections, sections create departments, and departments create organizations.

Our approach is simple. We apply people management, Lean Six Sigma, and organizational design methodologies; customizable to the needs of our clients. At SBC Global Consulting, we endeavor to promote synergy, collaboration, and inclusivity between senior leadership, middle management, and front-line employees at the domestic and international level.

Our organization understand that business and culture are interdependent and interrelated; be the culture internal or international. We empower organizations to lead, coach, mentor, and develop multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multinational teams to accomplish desired goals. All of which is an iterative practice; changing according to industry, regulatory, or at times, market demands.

SBC Global Consulting believes there is room and a need for both the Globalist and the Nationalist approach to business. The world is changing, and organizations are seeking consultation to support domestic and international objectives.