SBC Global Consulting, LLC

Management Services

SBC Global Consulting, LLC, offers a full range of management services to organizations. We focus on process approval, leadership development, global expansion, and global leadership topics. We are located in Vancouver, Washington. We aim at finding powerful solutions to complex problems through facilitation.

Process Improvement

Process improvement is the key to overall business enhancement and growth. Every business can benefit from enhancing its processes to identify cost-saving alternatives, speed up process lead time, or standardize commonly repeated activities.

We implement process and performance improvements to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve the overall growth of your organization.

SBC Global Consulting, LLC
SBC Global Consulting, LLC

Safety and Training

Keeping workplaces safe is of the utmost importance to any business. Our safety inductions and training mean your workforce is qualified, inducted, and assessed before they even step on-site.

We work with you to deliver customized courses for health and safety in your industry.

Leadership Development

SBC Global delivers high-quality management education to organizations. Our programs are delivered by experienced faculty who have been handpicked for their excellence, subject-matter expertise, and teaching acumen.

We have specially curated a blended program structure and classroom interactions through interactions with peers across multiple domains.


International Business Expansion

Many companies still face a multitude of challenges, such as intensifying competition and the necessity to optimize individual operations. We provide our client companies with practical assistance that directly supports their business expansion.

Our support is provided in phases from decision-making on entry to optimization of local and international operations.

Organization Development

SBC Global can help small and large businesses alike assess or re-assess existing organizational structures.

Our suite of services will provide management and staff within your organization with the tools needed to work effectively and cohesively and to provide the best results possible for your firm based upon real world challenges and solutions, not just theory. 

SBC Global Consulting, LLC

Diversity Training

Our training provides the knowledge, skills, and tools for gaining extensive acumen. It is important to create and sustain change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful, and productive workforce and workplace.

Our diversity training is flexible to meet the demands and schedules of today's active working environments.

Change Management

At SBC Global, how people learn, perform, and adapt to change is our business. Our services focus on the people and process side of business transformation, which leads to technology adoption. We have the resources as well as the experience to help you navigate a path to success by accepting these business transformations.

SBC Global Consulting, LLC

Global Leadership

Global leadership means inspiring and engaging diverse groups of people in a challenging environment across the barriers to success. We implement the right tools and techniques for overcoming the barriers through our training programs.

Each global leadership program is unique and is tailored to your priorities. We design and deliver our workshops with clear direction.